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Beekeeping on Rooftops - Interview with NYC Beekeeper Andrew Cote

June 8, 2020

Ever wondered what it would be like to keep bees on the rooftops of buildings in New York City?

In this episode I talk with author, and urban beekeeper, Andrew Cote, about his childhood growing up as a 4th generation beekeeper, his non-profit Bees Without Borders, why he tells people his profession is truck driver and all the work that goes into keeping bees in a big city (don't forget you have to pay the meter!). 

Check out Andrew's new book, Honey and Venom, Confessions of an Urban Beekeeper. It's not just for beekeepers, but anyone interested in a unique and funny story about a man with one of the most interesting jobs in NYC.

I have a free beekeeping book just for you! Go to to download our ebook, The 7 Steps to Keeping Bees in Your Own Backyard.

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