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Randy Oliver from Scientific Beekeeping on breeding Varroa Resistant Bees, Mite Tests & More!

Randy Oliver from Scientific Beekeeping on breeding Varroa Resistant Bees, Mite Tests & More!

October 9, 2020

Randy Oliver from talks with me about his work breeding varroa resistant bees that are calm & gentle at his farm in CA.

We also talk about the role of the beekeeper when it comes to dealing with varroa mites, why powdered sugar won't get you as accurate of a mite test result as alcohol or dish soap and much more.

If you haven't yet, check out for information about mite testing and mite treatment options.

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How to Make a Bee Hotel & Attracting Tunnel-nesting Bees

How to Make a Bee Hotel & Attracting Tunnel-nesting Bees

September 12, 2020

There are over 19,000 different kinds of bees and 30% of them live in a tunnel or cavity. You can help these tunnel-nesting pollinators out by providing a place for them to call home. I'm not sure where the name came from, but kids these days are calling it a bee hotel. 

Making a bee hotel is a fancy way of saying you're collecting hollow tubes, putting them somewhere and leaving them alone all Spring and Summer. A bee hotel won't get you honey or beeswax, but some of the common tunnel-nesting bees like leaf cutters and mason bees are great pollinators of a lot of plants including veggies, fruits and herbs. 

In this episode I explain how to make a bee hotel, how to care for it and clean it out, and what to plant to attract some common tunnel-nesting bees.

For those of you who love bees and want to have more in your neighborhood, but aren't able to keep honeybees, this is a great alternative. It's also a wonderful project to do with kids and help them learn more about bees.

Check out our blog post about it at:

Here you'll see a bunch of sample bee hotels, my personal bee hotel and links to learn more about bee hotels and tunnel-nesting bees.

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How to Store Honeycomb Over the Winter

How to Store Honeycomb Over the Winter

August 27, 2020

What do people do with their frames of honeycomb after they extract the honey out? 

That's a big question that few people have a good answer for. You have insects and small animals that will want to eat it and make a home out of it if you don't keep it safe. Luckily, I have a few options for you. I explain what I do, what large apiaries do, and the extra options you guys in cold weather states can do.

Check out our YouTube video that goes along with this episode - OR go to YouTube and search for Beekeeping Made Simple.

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