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How Honey Bees Survive Cold Winters

How Honey Bees Survive Cold Winters

February 10, 2018

European honeybees have been surviving cold winters for thousands of years before beekeepers existed. But how do they do it? Why don't they freeze? 

This episode talks about how bees survive the months of snow and cold weather and what beekeepers do to help the bees out in the winter. 

At the end we'll share some fun facts about bees in the Winter like the fact that bees don't go to the bathroom in the hive. On the first warm Winter day, you'll see thousands of bees fleeing the hive on a "cleansing flight" to relieve themselves. Curious what bee poop looks like? If there's snow on the ground, you'll see little specks of yellow and orange. 

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All About Her Majesty, the Queen Bee

All About Her Majesty, the Queen Bee

February 9, 2018

The queen bee is very unique to the hive. She is the mother of all the bees in the hive. There is only one and she has an important job to do. 

In this episode we will discuss exactly how much power over the hive the queen has, what happens if a queen dies, how a new queen is made and how to spot a queen bee. 

Did you know a queen mates with up to 30 males in one day? Or that the queens battle it out until there is only one survivor?

Learn the soap opera lifestyle of the amazing queen honey bee in this podcast. 

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